Wholesale Hardwood Lumber

E D Bessey Lumber Products, LLC provides hardwood lumber to manufacturers and distributors worldwide. As a wholesale hardwood company, we use our network of mills and years of experience to source the finest products from reliable producers. The end result: quality and consistency you can count on and service like none other.

We started as a wholesale lumber company in 2007. We specialized at that time in finding unique and hard to find items for our customers who were mostly wide plank flooring manufacturers. For better or worse, we developed a reputation for being able to find things that others weren’t able to. Where others saw a problem we saw an opportunity and quickly developed relationships throughout North America with mills to exceed our customers expectations.

We make a point to personally visit mills and travel extensively to see first-hand what we are buying. Our customers rely on us to provide top quality material and to do it consistently. We continue this practice today and our relationships and our network gets stronger every year.

The best and freshest ingredients in the hands of a talented chef will produce a meal that is worth paying a premium for. We look at sourcing lumber the same way. We know there is cheap lumber out there. We know someone can do a floor for less. But if our customers are after longer lengths, wider widths, color consistency, or something special that can’t be mass produced or easily replicated, we need to start with the right material first. That philosophy has served us well and will continue to guide our company.

Wide plank character Rift and Quartered White Oak

Interested in custom wide plank flooring? Click here to learn more.

  • Pulled to width and ripped to width strips
  • Rift and Quartered lumber in a variety of species
  • Long lengths
  • Color sorted
  • Antique/Reclaimed lumber and flooring blanks
  • Antique/Reclaimed Beams
  • FSCĀ® Certified
  • Roasted/Thermal Treated wood products
  • Finger-joint molder blanks
  • Imported and Domestic Woods
  • Character/Rustic flooring grades
  • Western Softwoods

Contact us to day to see how we can help with your next project. From Western Softwoods and Eastern White Pine, to Antique/reclaimed lumber and beams and FSC Certified Northern Appalachian Hardwoods, we can put our network to work for you and be a resource for you for all of your projects.